About Me

Hello my name is Jules I am a photography artist with a passion.

As far as I can remember I have held an interest in the visual arts I believe this stems from my childhood, as a family we travelled to the middle and far east until I returned to England at the age of fourteen.

The explosion of Asian colours, imagery and culture have remained engrained in my senses leading me to believe that visual imagery is able to cross so many unspoken boundaries; reaching out to a multitude of audiences, through colour, codes and symbolism. Moving from one country to another personal items were precious, I was gifted an old heavy encyclopaedia of The Masters Paintings. This has remained with me for 55 years and is my constant inspiration and source for most of my portrait photography.

In my early 20’s before embarking on my nursing career I lived and worked in Italy, Bari in Puglia embracing the country, language, people and of course food and wine with gusto, whilst there I travelled to Venice, Rome, Florence and Lake Garda.

On return to England once again I began my nursing career and have qualified in Psychiatric nursing and as an Operating Theatre Practitioner and still practice a few hours a week as I love this work.

2004, at the age of forty-eight I was accepted onto the Fine Art Photography degree course in Derby on my portfolio alone; having never studied photography I felt this was in itself a great achievement. The fine art degree opened my life to the history of art, lectures, like minded people, exhibitions and contemporary photography. The three years I spent at university took me to a world I had always longed for, seminars, workshops, developing my photography skills.

I soon became interested in the genre of portraiture and my nursing/communication skills assisted me in capturing the essence of the sitter/customer, enabling them to feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera and foremost building a trusting relationship.

2006, I held my first exhibition at Derby’s Art gallery after a summer in Sarajevo, Bosnia focusing on photographing the changing lives and still recovering from the civil war. Titled ‘Ten Years Later’.

My dissertation explored how we view people with disabilities, again taking experience and knowledge from my nursing background. I suggested that we learn how to associate disabilities with badness or evil, looking at fairy tales as told to children and films where the portrayed ‘bad’ guy usually had a disfigurement. Titled ‘Reversing the negative imagery of disability and disfigurement within the social media’. As well as researching the meaning of beauty.

2007, First Class Hon’s degree in Fine Art photography.

The Exhibition Titled ‘The Waiting Room’ was held at Brick lane, London.

2013, My first photography studio was in Crow Studios and exhibition Titled ‘The Reclamation of the Gaia’ which looked at how we discard rubbish and mother nature’s abilities to reclaim. I also became accepted as a member of the Masters of Photography Association (MPA) belonging to The Cherub Partners; one year later 2014, I gained my full qualification and won New talent of the Year. Being accepted into such a prestige photography association that adheres to a high standard and professional code of conduct whilst supporting their members to enter competitions, attending workshops and critiquing our work.

2014, I was commissioned by Transcend of Derby to photograph a set of portraits which told the lives of persons who had decided to live their ‘true’ role, as part of educating the public portraying Trans people in a positive way. Titled ‘The Narratives’ was a collaborative concept showing the diversity within a community, hoping to bring about a better understanding and awareness that would help break down barriers. 2014 ‘The Narratives’ Birmingham Art Gallery In 2015, I decided to home studio as it suited my role as an artist too. It was a successful year for my portrait photography winning East Midlands photographer of the year, East Midlands Children’s photographer of the year and UK’s Fine Art and Pictorial photographer of the year (MPA).

2015, I was chosen to photograph Kevin Paul (Celebrity Tattooist/Actor) for his biography book cover.

2016, has begun successfully with my award winning images being published in The Derbyshire Life magazine which was established in 1931 and being the first county magazine which celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of Derbyshire.

January 2016 I have been nominated and shortlisted for Derby and Derbyshire Inspirational Women Awards (IWA) 2016 in the category of Inspirational Woman in ARTS.